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Minimum 4 people and just £20 pp

Baby First Aid Course

Baby First Aid Course Sutton and anywhere within 1 hour drive of Solihull

Learning First Aid to protect your baby is one of the most essential skills of parenthood. Your baby is reliant on you from the day they are born to keep them safe and protect them from danger, so if this is the case would you know how to act in an emergency?

Completing Baby first aid course Sutton can teach you not only the essential skills to keep your baby safe, but also equip you with the skills to help other people if their was ever an emergency.

These life saving first aid skills are solely aimed at paediatric’s as many things are different when it comes to administering first aid to your baby.

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The piece of mind of knowing that if an emergency were to occur, you and other people around you would have the skills to act quickly and confidently is something all of our trainees leave our courses with.


Baby First Aid CoursesWhat will you learn on our courses?

Two Hour – Essentials Course

This is a fantastic two hour baby first aid course Sutton that will cover the following skills-

Baby CPR, Baby Recovery Position, Baby Burns, Baby Choking, Baby Head injuries Child Baby Seizures/febrile convulsions, Baby Asthma, Baby fractures and many more.

All of our instructors are qualified by Ofqual the regulating body, they are qualified as First aid Level 3 trainers and are qualified to teach 3 day first aid at work, 1 day emergency first aid and they also specialise in Paediatric first aid.


Where are the courses held?

We understand the challenge it can be to even find a few hours of free time in the day as a parent. Therefore all of our training can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Our qualified trainers come to you and provide training for small groups. Most of our clients get a group of friends or family together to complete the course.

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