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Family 1st is a family run business started by Hannah Ogden a passionate first aid trainer and health focused individual. Hannah started Family1st after being in an emergency situation with her father when he needed first aid and not knowing what to do.

Hannah- “We SMILEwere out for a family meal when my dad started slurring his words and then he collapsed at the table, I thought he had died at the table. It was honestly the most terrifying experience and that feeling of not knowing what to do is worse than anything I can describe. Luckily the ladies on the table behind us were fully first aid trained and worked at a care home and they knew exactly what to do. They rushed over and very calmly handled the situation.

It was from this point that I decided I would do a first aid course, I did not want to feel like that ever again! Since then I have taken my emergency first aid, my first aid at work, my paediatric first aid and my train the trainer qualification. Now me and my team travel around the country teaching the most valuable training of all Child and Baby Paediatric first aid to families across the country and we love it.”

Hannah and her team pride them selves on not doing your typical boring powerpoint first aid course. We make it fun, interactive and memorable! By doing it this way you get to practice the life saving skills you may need and it means you will remember more information naturally! It ends up being a really fun and friendly two hours to spend with your friends and family.

This fantastic course is completed in just 2 hours and our fun and friendly trainers come and teach in the comfort of your own home so no hassle. Just learning great skills!

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What the press are saying.

The press continue to highlight the importance of knowing first aid and CPR techniques, it really does save lives-

“Knowing CPR could save 5,000 lives” every year, according to health campaigners. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said 22,000 people die every year from having a heart attack at home which shocked relatives are unable to treat.

“46% of people say they won’t try CPR for fear of doing more harm than good”

We want to prepare you for any eventuality now and in the future. Our mission is to educate and engage as many families across the UK about the importance of protecting your families health through quality first aid courses show you know that you have taken those steps to prepare your family should such an occasion arise and it helps you feel more secure and equipped as a family now and for the future.

We understand that having a child is one of the most incredible and challenging things you can do. The sudden realisation that being a parent is a huge and that it is down to you to care for that child, protect them and respond to anything and everything that may come up and our services are designed to prepare your family for every eventuality.

First aid training

We provide the best first aid training at the best possible prices, these are delivered by our first aid experts, all of whom are fully certified in paediatric first aid and are qualified first aid trainers.

All of our instructors are qualified by Ofqual the regulating body and have the following qualifications-

  • Paediatric First aidbaby hold
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)
  • Approved First Aid Instructor
  • Approved Defibrillation Instructor
  • Approved Oxygen Therapy Instructor
  • Approved Anaphylaxis Management Instructor
  • Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work
  • Level 2 Award in CPR & AED
  • Level 3 Award in Oxygen Therapy Administration
  • Level 3 Award in Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis

In the course we include practical exercises to help give you confidence in dealing with real life situations and helping your feel more prepared for parenthood.

In a typical year up to half of infants under 12 months and a quarter of older children will
attend hospital. Bumps and falls are inevitable and thankfully most aren’t serious, but it is important that you know what to do if you find yourself in a first aid emergency.

This course will teach you simple life-saving techniques and give you the opportunity to practice the skills as you learn, so you will feel more confident should you need to use them in real life.

Sue Killen, St John Ambulance Chief Executive, said:

“Learning basic first aid is so simple and can be the difference between a life lost or saved, so parents don’t have to feel helpless and worried, giving them immediate peace of mind”

This is a fantastic 2 hour course that will cover the following skills-

  • Managing an emergency
  • Child and Baby CPR
  • Child and Baby Recovery Position
  • Child and Baby Burns
  • Child and Baby Choking
  • Child and Baby Head injuries
  • Child and Baby Seizures/febrile convulsions
  • Child and Baby Asthma
  • Child and Baby fractures
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